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Save upto 80% of your dev cost, for the same work, done better & faster

In the U.S. or other developed economies, it costs ~ $200 - 300 per API endpoint/event, per month, for development + documentation + testing + ops + maintenance of backends, with the best practices, quality, scalability & security. This does not include cloud costs.

Saving with Godspeed

With Godspeed (GS), the cost can potentially come down  to between $15 - 50 per month (excluding GS billing and cloud costs). This is because GS reduces the time to market & quality of output varies less across experience, when using Godspeed.

The pricing model of Godspeed

At Godspeed, we wish everyone to have equitable access and partnership for mutual growth. GS will be discounted or made available free of cost for selected early stage startups and not-for-profits. When they grow, they can start to pay and share their growth. We believe that if any work is used for profit and helps someone grow, the owners of that work should also have a share of the growth. At Godspeed we want to share our growth with our team + FOSS + Godspeed community + society + Earth. This means that every $ we earn, benefits everyone who played a role in helping you and us grow together.



Single microservice with upto 100 endpoints.

All features, forever.

Unlimited APIs or events.

Absolutely free. Forever.

Community chat support available


For growth stage.

  • Early birds from '22 to get 50% off for one year!

  • Upto 60% parity credits for teams from developing nations.

  • Contributors to FOSS or Godspeed may be given upto 100% credits.

All features, forever.

Upto 1000 APIs or events. Any number of microservices. 
You will save after GS cost:
upto 80%, or $200k+

Godspeed cost per API/event, per month:
(~ 1/8th your original saving)

Minimum commitment: 50 APIs or events
(i.e. $1450 per month)

Community chat support (+ dedicated consultation,  handholding available with paid support)


For larger and complex apps.

All features, forever.


Custom pricing

Dedicated account manager

24*7*365 support with dedicated consultation, training, dev handholding and extended dev teams (latter via Godspeed marketplace and agency partners).

Start up
10k workflows per day.
1 million workflows per day.
No limit
No limit
CLI based
Choice of datastores, message bus, cache
Docker fils & helm charts
Postman test suite
Swagger spec and Postman collection
Web socket*
JWT authentication
Add new sources like S3, Email, Payments etc.
YAML based similar DSL
OAS 3 based schema and docs
Serialization into universal JSON format
Read from secure vault
YAML + inline JS/CS + external JS/TS
Framework functions
Turing complete
Retry mechanism
Custom logs, trace spans
Custom authorization
Error handling
Workflow and task level caching
Encryption of columns
Redis cache
OAS 3 spec based config & pre-hit validation
Custom authentication policy with retries
AWS as datasource
Add any custom datasource
Universal model & API
Autogeneration of CRUD API
Mutation events*
Caching of queries*
Eventual consistency*
Distributed locking*
Elasticsearch as is
Configuration & schema based mappings and CRUD
Relationship awareness
Denormalization & views
Configurable query batching
Multi lingual data
In memory caching
External caching*
JWT based authentication of incoming request
Custom authorization (Internally/external integration)
Task level access
Datastore column/row level access
Use any policy/rule engine
Use any authentication service
Within a single database
OTEL based signals
APM out of box
Add any BPM
Grafana stack helm charts & dashboard
Use any other backend
Trace: own APIs, 3rd party APIs, DB calls
Custom span creation
Custom metrics
Custom logs
Run lambda like functions*
Run multiple microservices & lambda functions*
FOSS template out of box
Static code scan
Image scan
Test automation
GItops based
Different deployment strategies
VS Code with remote containers
Static language features*
Live debugging*
Import externally defined events, datasources, workflows


Pro: Silver
Email, chat, meetings.
Previous + guidance + co-development. TAT: 1 work day. Upto 5 hours per month.
$499 per month.
Pro: Gold
Email, chat, meetings.
Previous upto 20 hours. TAT: Immediate, on working days. Upto 5 hours of advise by senior L7 architect.
$2999 per month.
Pro: Platinum
24x7. Unlimited.
High priority, customized plan.
Troubleshooting on best effort basis, by Godspeed team and community.
Free forever.
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