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4th Generation Declarative Microservice Framework and Platform

A Quantum leap in developer's capability : Build and scale backends like a charm, with lowered costs, hurdles, risks and pitfalls.

Holistic | Integrated | Customizable | Scalable | Cloud Agnostic


with Godspeed


3x faster (1).png

>3x faster

GTM & Agility

80% cost saving (1).png

Up to 80% cost savings

Dev + Infra + Maintainence

5 min (1).png

5 minutes

To generate CRUD services

1-5 days (1).png

Developer adoption time

1-2 Weeks

Godspeed Introduction

Godspeed Introduction

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Build entire backends from scratch or add services to your existing backends. Achieve much easier, faster, better and cost effective SDLC & Observability, on any cloud or on premise. Leverage microservice framework, automation, integrations, advice and trained talent pool from community.

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Our Offerings

Useful for SAAS, web apps, mobile apps, tools in any domain or industry.

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Microservice /Monolith framework

Build services on steroids with out of box abstractions and functionality required for building modern products

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Observability dashboard and alerts

Out of box APM + pre-configured Grafana stack. Add any customizations & business monitoring on the go.

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CI/ CD Automation template

Customizable Gitops based pipeline with test automation, security scan, static code scan, image scan.

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Pro-bono advice

Futureproofing your architecture & strategy w.r.t. agility, scale, security, cost effectiveness and risk mitigation (product, tech, team).

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Hands on training, co-development and troubleshooting with your team with different SLAs.

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Community & service partners

Hire trained talent from our network of trained community members & service partners.



Timely releases

Enjoy the power of shorter and smoother SDLC


High Quality Output

Cut down on your bugs, downtimes, latency issues, security breaches

minimized tech debts.png

Minimise tech debt

Pre-defined developer boundaries & out of box capabilities.



Express any logic. Add any tech, tools or APIs. Scale horizontally.


Lowered risks

Cut down on tech, product & team risks.


Work Life Balance

Cut down on the stress, late nights or missed holidays

Create projects for Docker and K8s

Use to generate project with Docker files & helm charts for microservice and its datastores, cache, message bus

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WhatsApp Image 2023-01-31 at 5.54.46 PM.jpeg

Auto-generate CRUD APIs with docs & test suite

Specify DB, or scan an existing DB using CLI, to auto-generate API schema, workflows, OAS3 docs & Postman test suite.

Use any datastores or cache

Supports Prisma (PostgresSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc), Elasticsearch, Redis. Can integrate any other datastore.


Subscribe to sync and async events

Handle sync (HTTP) or async (Message Bus/Web socket) events with a unified abstraction & event schema.

Integrate APIs well & fast

Define an API datasource with its schema and auth strategy, in YAML. Access the APIs from your workflows in a systematic manner, without code repetition or boilerplate.

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Express any logic

Turing complete, fourth gen programming experience in YAML, JS, TS and CS

Easy and shorthand expression.

Fine grained auto-observability

Godspeed services automatically send telemetry (OTEL) signals for monitoring & debugging distributed workflows across services & API/database calls.

Logs and traces are correlated. Creating custom spans is easy. Capturing BPM is easy. Teams can configure alerting rules and mechanisms.

Use out of box Grafana dashboard & stack. Or plugin any other OTEL compliant backend.

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(Very) Advanced text search

Industry’s first implementation over Elasticsearch with managed relationships, denormalization, high performance algorithms, and caching. With zero boilerplate.​

Easy message bus integration

Integrate a Kafka cluster as datasource, via YAML definition, and publish events to it from the workflows.


Use Cases

Useful for SAAS, web apps, mobile apps, tools in any domain or industry.


Data federation

Aggregate data from distributed datasources (APIs, datastores), giving them a common data model


CRUD microservices

Services that do nothing but provide CRUD APIs over their database.


Search, suggest & analytics

Leverage our pioneering Elasticsearch based solution or use another service.


Orchestrator microservice

The brain, or the logic component, that assigns tasks to the domain microservices.


Internal tools and automation

Integrate multiple event sources to run custom workflows


Domain microservices

Services which implement a micro, domain specific logic.

Client Testimonials

GodSpeed brought us significant productivity gain in developing, observing and maintaining mission critical services, with quality & standards

Manish Kumar.png

Manish Kumar

VP Technology | Pinelabs

GodSpeed managed to demonstrate powerful analytics and charting solutions based on data we provided on the desulphurization process

Dr. Stephan Stienacker.png

Dr. Stephan Stienacker

Head of business development | Almamet

With GodSpeed we made our reconciliation service without writing a single line of code. And we never faced any issue.

Mustafa Mohammed.png

Mustafa Mohammed

Intl Engineering |

Start Building with GodSpeed

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